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Alden Youth Baseball is a fun, appropriately competitive and safe environment for kids to enjoy the beloved game of baseball.  Through the help of hard working volunteers, sponsors and participation fees we are able to provide our community of children with an enjoyable place to learn values, grow individually and prosper within a team. 

Alden Youth Baseball is committed to: 

1. Encouraging and promoting values in which kids are taught to be resilient among challenges, patient with teammates while fostering loyalty, teamwork and respect. 

2. A masterful baseball program that teaches the skills and qualities needed to move to the next level of play. 

3. Fostering an environment that winning the game is great, but creating exceptional human beings is the real WIN. 

4. Keeping our league, fields, kids, coaches, parents and games safe, non threatening and bully free. 

5. Creating high standards of participation for all athletes, sponsors, spectators, coaches, board members and visitors.  

6. A culture in which all participants are working together towards the same goal, to help foster our youth to become the best individuals possible, through hard work, patience, creativity, perseverance and team work.  

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